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WTS/WTT/WTB - EQ Project 1999 PVE & PVP, Plat/Items/Accounts and more! (1 Viewer)

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Sep 15, 2011
Rating - 95%
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Buying / Selling / Trading Virtual Goods since 2011 - Here to make the process of leaving or entering this game as easy and safe as possible.

We are both buying and selling at this time on both Red and Blue servers, email: [email protected] to setup a sale or purchase today!

(please do not PM here if you want a quick reply, email)

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I was pretty scared I had a lot of inventory to sell and wanted to just go through one person to minimize transactions. However the amount was so big still I was not comfortable doing it all in one go, this guy was nice enough to do multiple transactions with me so I felt comfortable. And I was actually surprised we ended up talking for like 2 hours and had conversations about a lot of random stuff....was nice to deal with someone who isn't a robotic salesmen. All in all seems like a good guy, the transaction was easy and smooth, we both walked away happy = ).
Great buyer, worked through a very large transaction one piece at a time without a hitch. He communicated well throughout the entire process and was willing to do it in small steps and change payment methods according to my convenience. I can finally leave the game satisfied with the way I spent my time.
Very smooth transaction. Was skeptical of handing my item first but since he has a good rep I figured he had more to lose than I . So, I handed over my item first, he then promptly submitted payment via Google Wallet. Whole process took about 5 minutes.
Very thorough and professional. You are safe and sound when dealing with this guy. I know it's a scary process, but you can put your trust in him. Cheers!
Extremely professional on an extremely large order if you're looking to sell or purchase items I would recommend using platlord.
I've done a lot of virtual sales over the years. Some trustworthy, some not. But none, and I mean NONE, have had the professionalism, courtesy, and reliability as well as Platlord. I've done 3 transactions with him so far. First one being small, so I could get a feel for his legitimacy. And the next two ramped up to some very expensive purchases. Each one went smooth and quick. I wish all virtual sales companies were like this company. Freaking awesome! And HIGHLY recommended!
Amazing transaction, sold 500k worth of p99 plat and I went first. He went out of his way to pay me and it worked out flawless A++
Sell me your P99 Accounts, Items, and Platinum quickly and easily. Offering competitive rates since 2011, come and be another satisfied seller, or buyer! www.platlord.com

Contact me here:
email: [email protected]

Why buy from Platlord?

I've done easily more sales and purchases on Project 1999 here then anyone, and been here nearly 4 years now.
I buy plat / items / accounts from fellow players and and the community, so you can feel good about the source of your purchase.
I work hard for you pretty much every day, and most deliveries are under 30 minutes if not faster.

Why sell to Platlord?

Because you will be paid hassle free for your wares, and quickly.
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Purchased 10k from Platlord. It was outside his normal hours but he immediately emailed me and said he could still deliver.

Fast, used failsafes to hide the trade and I was on my way to affording spells in less than an hour. THANKS!
Purchased $550 in plat and an account over the span of 4 days (three transactions). Account was banned two days later and I lost everything. Seriously buyer beware with this guy. Obviously his security doesn't work and he doesn't care what happens to his accounts even if they are banned the next day. Kind of dirty he has gone down hill!!! My email is [email protected] I will shed more information if anyone wants.
Fantastic buyer. Totally painless and gave me a fair deal. This guy is an asset to the server. I fronted him a LOT of stuff and got paid with no issues. Thanks again, man.
Great buyer. I quit the game and wanted a trusted source to sell my plat to. Platlord lived up to his reputation as a top notch buyer/seller. He offerered me a fair price and kept excellent communication throughout the process. Thank you very much!
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