Verification requires:

  • You are 18 years old or above
  • You must apply from your home IP address
  • A government photo identification card (name, face, state/province - you can block the rest)
  • Social media link
  • A call or text to our verification phone number
  • An account in good standing, no serious warnings.

Your data is safer with us than Facebook, as you can see in our privacy policy.

Verified perks:

  • Verified Tag: Gain community trust
  • Verified-Only Sales Forum: Exclusive listings by other verified users
  • Inbox Size: 100 private conversation messages
  • 50 Redcents upon verification
  • 7 years of fun on EC Tunnel

Verification applications are accesible to Premium members only. Verification lasts 7 years, even if you cancel Premium membership. You can sign up for Premium here. A link to the Verification application can be found here. EC Tunnel neither guarantees nor endorses Verified member's services and identity. We urge traders to use caution with everyone.

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