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Premium membership is $10 per year, which you can sign up for here. Members may cancel at any time and enjoy the remaining subscription.

Here's our current feature list for Premium users:

  • Inbox Size: 500,000 private conversation messages
  • Apply for Verification 
  • Post "for sale" threads
  • Auto-Bump Threads 
  • Feedback Privacy: click here for a guide
  • Last-Read Info: See when others read your conversation
  • Last-Read Privacy: Hide your own last-read info
  • Auto-Responders: Set automatic replies to conversations
  • Can upload attachments to conversations
  • Can use signatures
  • Organize with conversation custom prefixes & filters
  • Start conversation groups
  • Kick others from conversation
  • More conversation recipients
  • Create "reply templates" to answer common questions
  • Future additions, we're always adding features
  • Feel free to request more in the support forum!
Not bad for less than $1 per month. Compare Premium to our other usergroups here.