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Inbox Sizeprivate conversation messages:30
Full control of your contentMove, edit, delete. We follow GDPR privacy laws.
Helpful, friendly communityWe ban the jerks.
One Year
Inbox Size:50,000private conversation messages
Can Apply for VerificationCan apply for Verification, which improves trust with others
Feedback PrivacyHide names & dates when giving & receiving feedback
Bump ThreadsSchedule a week of bumps
Last-Read InfoSee when others last read your conversation
Last-Read PrivacyHide your personal last-read information
Auto-RespondersSet automatic replies to conversations
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Seven Years
*Requires Premium To ApplyYou need to sign up for "Premium" first
Personal "Verified" BannerAppears under your name, improving trust with others
Lasts 7 yearsEven if you cancel "Premium"
Access Verified-only salesExclusive listings by other verified users
Inbox Size:100Or 50,000 if you have "Premium", whichever is higher
Privacy: GDPR CompliantWe adhere to EU law to protect your privacy
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