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XP POTIONS - All Servers - Limited Time only!! (1 Viewer)

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Apr 13, 2005
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Hey Guys! Long time no see :)

Anyway, bored and on holiday for the next week or so - so i thought i'd offer my services for something that ive been doing for a while and keeping to myself

I am selling 50% XP Potions, on all servers, for the next week or so so grab them while you can!

$10 for 20 potions

No active hacks are used, however i would require your log in name and password to be able to do this

I've been a long standing member of Redguides and although i havent been as active as of late here on NA - i'd like to think i have a good reputation here also

If your interested, please drop me a PM - As i said im only doing this for the next week or so! So get in touch


haha not gonna happen im afraid mate unless someone happened to give me a hell of a lot of money, even then i doubt it - cant have this being nerfed!
is this something to do with 999 /claims?:)

damn I tried so much diff stuff, nothing worked so far. must try harder!

I have about 80 50% pots from LoN /claims. my other toons have around 40 as they use it more. allways forget on main.

I play LoN a lot - completed everything wth 3 accounts.
And now suspensions have started already for people using this as its brought to the public eye,

way to go for zippzipp :)

Oh well easy come easy go. Why I quit playing over a year and a half ago -- too many ppl find your exploits then publish them to the masses. This exploit has been around for over a year, so as far as exploits go it lasted an eternity. Sorry Spunge. I was messing with Veteran Rewards thing for a long long time. Posted it in admin/mod area (here and mmobugs) to chosen few, but eventually people figured it out on their own, and posted it to the public. I didn't mean to step on toes by posting that but it was meant more as a what you said above.....
And now suspensions have started already for people using this as its brought to the public eye,

way to go for zippzipp :)

Don't just throw blame at zipp, as with your selling of this also contributes to what's going on. Thanks Spunge, Thanks Zipp, Thanks to all on PA as well :mad:
Don't blame anyone. It was an exploit that should never have been in the game. It's great that everyone who knew got to use it as long as they did. No reason to point fingers or get upset over it being gone. It was never intended in the first place.
But yes, I would be curious to know how it worked as well. (I don't play EQ anymore, this just sparked my curiosity)
Mines was a UI exploit - dont wish to give it out as it still works - doesnt send out packets or anything of the sorts!

Will be testing this out a few months down the line again to see if it will ever go unnoticed but will only use it for personal use
Selling exploits is complete bullshit IMO....Cheating is all about greed anymore...and its pretty sad....It used to be fun to warp around, now you gotta pay for it.
Are you missing something ounvme?

When this exploit was posted to the public it got mass suspensions to anyone who used it WITHIN 12 HOURS OF IT BEING POSTED

This is why people charge
people got the hammer because it was being advertized in general chats not because it was posted on a forum somewere or keeping it a secrete and selling does not make it any safer .

if anything makes it more risky because only a few people are doing it means those few people will get harsher punishment when its cracked down on .
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