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WTT FFXIV for P99 BLUE ACNT (1 Viewer)

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Mar 8, 2014
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Looking to trade my FFXIV Account for a Blue P99 Acnt. P99 Acnt must be original owner and be able to part with email tied to the account, as well as have a lvl 50 + character fully geared w/ relic.

I am the original owner:
My FFXIV Account is decked out. 1rst character: lvl 50 Pld/Blm/Whm/Crp/Bsm/Wvr all job classes are at least lvl 15+ that are not mentioned. Over 2 million gil on account. All ilvl 90 gear for Pld/Blm. Whm is ilvl 80+ All have their relics or better. Excellent reputation on the server! Awesome collectors edition perks etc with account.

2nd character: 50 Brd/Lnc with appropriate sub classes lvled to 30ish. Full ilvl90 for both Brd/Lnc including allagan/relic weapons.

Will answer any questions via aim: Karmaa05

Link to account I am selling / trading: http://www.playerauctions.com/offer...p-bsm-1relic-allagan-primal-weapons-89466484/

Bid with confidence my playerauction Id is jaseager. Willing to do moderator trade etc.

Me: jaseager (56)
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