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Accounts Live (normal server) WTS Raid Geared 115 Berserker/ 115 SK (Some raid gear) (1 Viewer)


Oct 13, 2019
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SOLD - Selling Raid geared 115 Berserker, T3 Crafted raid weapons/Raid gear, basically everything you could ever need to be a successful berserker. Full progression completed, countless mounts/illusions. Lots of years worth of time and money pushed into this count and very much worth it. Oh, and you can literally join any top tier raid guild with this zerker. I'll even teach you/show you parses if you'd so like to ensure your success with this toon.

$500 - Also selling my SK box along with berserker. This SK has it all, Max AA, Epics, Illusions, rare mounts. Mostly in T3 group gear but has some raid gear including the chase raid weapon. This tank can swarm modern content no problem (given you know how to play SK) and is the perfect tank for anybody looking to jump into content and dominate it immediately.

I didn't give a whole lot of detail on the toons but if I did I would be making a 90 page post, for more details PM me.
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Jun 14, 2020
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how much are you selling the berserker and what server is it on?

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