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Accounts Firiona Vie WTS Multiple Clean HIGH-END Toons on FV! ⚡ Contact for pricing! 🔥 Lvl 125, Max AA, Top-Tier Gear, Augs, Prog, Epic 2.0, Skills, Paragons, and More (1 Viewer)

This list shows what I have ready for you. Don't see the class you want ready? We can put a rush order on any class you'd like, go ahead and send me a PM. I also recommend you check back every few days to see the updated list.

Last Update to list: 7/18/2023

Bard - 1*Beastlord - 1*Berzerker - 1*Cleric - 1Druid - 1Enchanter - 1Magician - 1Monk - 1
Necromancer - 1Paladin - 1Ranger - 1Rogue - 1*Shadowknight - 1*Shaman - 1Warrior - 1Wizard - 1
* Means toon is currently being worked on. You can always place your order to guarantee your toon.

These accounts will be 100% yours and never touched by anybody but me, which means you never have to worry about somebody coming back and stealing your work away from you. It will be YOUR secret question, YOUR e-mail, and 100% YOUR account. These toons are ready to jump instantly into raids and end-game, and have had a ton of work put into them! There is still a ton to explore and do with your new toon(s), but we take out thousands of hours of the more tedious work and deliver a top-notch product to you.

The details for our top-tier toons:
  • Level - 125
  • AAs – Maxed
  • Expansion: Laurion's Song
  • Gear – T3 LoS gear as well as a few pieces of high-end raid gear
  • Augs - Each toon comes fully decked out in high-end augs. This includes type 3, type 5, type 7 & type 13.
  • Epic - Each toon will have their epic 2.0. Clerics include 1.0.
  • Languages – All 23 Maxed - languages are important on FV!
  • Utility Proficiency – Completed
  • Combat Proficiency - Completed
  • Weapon Proficiency - Completed
  • Spell Skills – Maxed
  • Spells / Tomes - Levels 1-125 are on the toon - rank 1 minimum. All spells from Ring of Scale through Night of Shadows will be at least rank 2. Rank 3 is available upon request.
  • Adventurer's Stone - Quest complete - gives ability to use Translocators in Guild Lobby and other locations.
  • Bags – All bag slots will be 20-40 slot bags.
Paragon Progression (Missions) – Heroic AA’s & Clickies
Each of the following Tradeskills will be 54/350:
  • Baking
  • Brewing
  • Blacksmithing
  • Fletching
  • Pottery
  • Jewelry Making
  • Tailoring
Various other skills we max for you:
  • Alcohol Tolerance
  • Swimming
  • Tracking
  • Hide / Sneak
  • Feign Death (If class has it)
  • Forage
Added flavor from me to you:
  • Each toon will have a variety of clickies that are useful to the class. This includes 3 of the BEST no-drop clickies from NoS, including a lifesteal clicky and damage absorption clicky.
  • Each toon will have maxed Faction: The Primal Spirits
  • Each toon will have a mount.
  • Each toon comes Krono subbed; GOLD and ready to play.
Optional Add Ons:
PM me to discuss pricing; we have toons available ranging from $150 - $500 and can work within your budget and customize to your liking.
Hey looking for an account for $150 what do you have available? :)

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