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Project 1999 WTB 46+ Tank (1 Viewer)

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Jan 15, 2014
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I'm looking to pick up a 46+ tank. Must have EQEMU access, no SMS set, and it MUST come with access to the email account on the EQEMU account. I will not even consider an account that does not come with email access. Don't care if stripped or geared but prefer an account with no previous RMT. PM me with details.
If anyone here was dealing with this dumbass, I highly recommend you stop (assuming it was outside of this form). He's threatening to pass info on to GM's of P99 because he's butthurt about getting caught in an RMT ban.

Funny thing is this quote from another post;
Honestly, this is huge. Don't RMT on P99. They track everything you do when logged in as well as your computer/connection information. Buying items is not really safer either. If the seller is caught, which most eventually are, they will ban the people they traded items to as well.
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