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What ever you need on Drinal! (1 Viewer)

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The First Men
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Jun 15, 2011
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Server: Drinal

Services: PL or what ever you need be it skills or flags

Time Frame: Its all a matter of what you are getting.

Price: We will talk about this in PMs but it will be via Paypal!

I run a good size box army and that lets me do stuff like make toons or PL toons. I can run flags such as HOT and VOA(tho voa flags take some time). I don't over charge! why? I dont need to!

What I will need from you?? I know this might sound odd but I will need your infos. Why? well I am gonna do all the work. I run the account on my PC. yes its safe..well as safe as it can be. You know who I am and you know I help admin here so I am safe...and you can trust me...well as much as you would trust Redbot...yah I know that is not saying much!

What will I use? Well lets see this is a site for MQ2 so I will be using MQ2! Not going to be using any crazy plugins just the same stuff I have been using for years and I have never lost account!

Feel free to PM me and tell me what you need. Lvls to AAs to maybe even loot! Skills? or what ever...PM me and I we can talk price and every thing!

PS. This is not a RedGuides thing this is a Teichou thing. This has nothing to do with RG other then the fact its on here and I work for our master Redbot keeping up this site!
Hey Teichou, What does a 1-70 run now a days? I'm getting tired of leveling up my toons to 70... just sucks.

Also, what method do you use for the first 70?
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