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The Bazaar is Now Moderated (1 Viewer)

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Oct 15, 2004
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nicesandwiches, tarquinn21, and eXpl0sive all applied to moderate the Bazaar forum on one condition: That they not do it alone. Together, they make a fine team of Bazaar constables.

tarquinn and eXpl0sive both have experience with paypal chargebacks and buyer-protection rules, they've done RMT with EQ and other games, and they can smell a proxy before a scammer makes his first post. nicesandwiches exists on his hatred of scammer "wanktards".

We're all sharing tools and ideas on how to detect scammers before they can defraud a user.

That's not to say this forum is entirely safe now (no online sales will ever be scam-free) but if something does go wrong in a transaction you'll get swift justice and good advice on getting your money back.

If you have any ideas for the Bazaar forum, be sure to contact one of us hit the "reply" button here.
Looking forward to helping make this a bit safer for everyone. I appreciate the responsibility and I'm proud to be a part of the team.

Please don't hesitate to PM me if you have questions or need assistance. Scammers beware! :judge
Thank you to the staff here to extend their trust to me to help on this endeavor. I'll do my best to work with the team to make the Bazaar here at Redguides as safe and care free as possible!
We will come to your your house.

And don't think I'm ever going to stop trolling the boards... I got my bans under my belt then Redbot could dream of!

That said I welcome the new Bazaar mods... They shall do a good job... I have faith in them... Good luck guys. Keep us safe from the scam fuck wads
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