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EQ1 100 SK Bert + 20/20 xpac + gametime + 2nd 20/20 account thrown in (1 Viewer)

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Jan 31, 2014
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Moving on from EQ1/2 so I would like to sell my account(s).

An all in one package including:


100 Gnome sk on Bert with group/crafted armor and general augs in all slots. Almost 6k AA- 570k pp - 70+ day game time left - 20/20 xpac - 750 sc - a few mounts - epics 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0 done.

On EQ2 there is a 90 Paladin - rather old about 2-3 xpcs old but with the new all access you can play both.

94 Shaman on a 20/20 xpac acccount w/ about 4.5k AA and 90 bard.


All 3 toons have the "hero armor look" purchased at around 30usd of value. Both the Shaman an SK have 2x J5 merc slots.
Both the SK and Shaman toons were hand leveled and are not heroic toons, the bard however is.


I am the original owners, I know the SQ and answers.

PRICE 150 USD for all of it via paypal gift only -- you are welcome to use a escrow service aslong as you pay for it if you pay for it.

OR 150USD worth of items: pref onProject1999 Red, however blue is acceptable.
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