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Live (normal server) 96 mage 1300 aa's. All expansions. j5 merc. 60 dollars (1 Viewer)

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Nov 23, 2013
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This is for a Drakkin Male 96 mage on the Drinal server. I have included a link to a picture that shows his stats ( Click the magnifying glass in the right hand corner twice ) . He also has all Boreal armor and the Black Vertebrae earring which makes your pet a yellow con to you! Has 1293 spent aa's and 28 waiting to be alloted ( 1321 total )

A little over 76,000 plat and the J5 merc ( need to be gold to summon it )

The info needed to secure this account ( account name/pass/ secret answer ) will be given upon 60 dollar payment via paypal gift.I have sold and bought accounts prior but I will be more than happy to use the middle man service for anyone unsure of my integrity.

Also I am not looking for any sort of trade. Thanks for atleast looking!

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This guys legit, have bought an account from him on Epicnpc. I'd totally buy this but i think ive been beaten to it :)

also... first post in like... years! woop
hah i made an offer on epicnpc site, but its down - although it was slightly less than your asking price. Im a bit skint though now ... 5 days til pay day! :)

best of luck selling it though dude!
yeah I am looking at the mage but I got to wait till I get paid haha...and with who I work for it can take a few days haha
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