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Live (normal server) 90 Berserker. 5 year account with 100k plat. Original owner (1 Viewer)

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Nov 23, 2013
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I am selling a Level 90 Ogre Berserker that is on the Drinal server ( has the Maelin title though ). This account has all 20 expansions and is permanent silver since it has a 5 year account time. There is 100k plat on the character for whoever to purchase his combat tomes since all I have done is power leveled him to 90 and to help purchase defiant gear. He does have his Epic 1.0 bagged and has a 2hb from Grounds from grinding. Does have the wood elf clicky and the gate hammer that takes you to The Overthere. Other items in bank and bags for convience ( gate potions / sow potions / invis potions ). Has little over 50 aa's -so there is room to grow .

I am the original owner with the secret question which I will furnish after being GIFTED 100.00 via paypal. I am Paypal verified and I expect the same from whoever is buying and I will deny the payment if it is not GIFTED. I will not accept any trades or any other form of payment. Got questions? Feel free to message me through the site.
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