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Nov 6, 2006
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First account is
85 drakin warrior all cored gear 30k hp 4k ac 2500 AAs some crystalos gear
85 gnome wizard 1500 AAs
85 troll zerker
85 frog cleric
60 druid
Warrior and wizard are vet enables 5yr
Wizard and warrior is geared fairly good other 2 is 85 only all accounts are on quellious and are tranferable except 1 toon on 2 of the accounts.

Second Account is
85 darkkin mage 900 AAs glossy silk gear some crystalos gear
85 iksar monk 2000 AAs scratched hide some cores
85 dwarf pally 2400 AAs fair gear and 2.0 soon be able to transfer
85 iksar beast
85 halfling ranger
60 DE sk

Third account is
85 gnome necro 900 AAs
85 ogre SK 3500 AAs soon be able to transfer
85 halfling rogue 1200AAs some crystalos gear
85 halfling druid a few AAs
82 half elf bard
76 human warrior few AAs

Sorry no magleo, all accounts have vet rewards LoD IotF familiar 4-5 yrs. All accounts are transferable and are in good standing. All accounts are on Quellious as stated above. Will be more than happy to meet in game with any or all chars for proof and be glad to link any items as well. Will give a landline phone number to talk as we go thru each toon for any serious offers.
These accounts are from WAY to many hours of playing EQ and now my life has made a change and hope someone will get some enjoyment out of all or any.
Thanks [email protected] or PM me
LOL yeah sounds like you have too much time on EQ.

If I was still playing EQ I would have been interested in that for the sake of boxing a group or small raid for older contents. Unfortunately I'm sort of EQ'ed out which includes 80 beastlord, 80 monk (2 days played), 70 DK, 70 Shaman, and few more 50+'s I've tried progressive server and right off the bat there were blatant and rampage KSing and assorted griefing as some of those glory hounds tried to get server firsts all to themselves.
you are right EQ was my entertainment for a few years and nothing else hehe...BUT IVE SEEN THE LIGHT ! lol
Well im interested, not going to pay cash for them though... I do box... willing to trade you RIFT accounts for them.
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