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1 Set RaF account XP (1 Viewer)

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Mar 21, 2013
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Selling 1 set (1 recruiter and 1 recruitee) set of Raf Account. Account is empty, and have all info avail for it. Bought it because I wanted to level up couple more toons but im happy with my set I have now and its not being used at all. $200, pm if interested.
To add, now that SoE is going for the Money-Grab and selling Heroics and doing their best to cripple power-leveling, anyone that is serious about getting a couple fresh accounts to ramp up to the 100game, this would be a nice package.

GL on the sale, if I had the extra cash right now I'd probably scoop these up tbh.
RAF linked accounts are unattainable now except for buying accounts that are linked. This is probably a worthy price. We're talking 100-300% xp bonus depending on situation, always on... on both accounts.

Aye, I just wanted to clarify the 'recruiter' didn't have anything on it either as the post was a little unclear. I understand how awesome the RAF account linking is, hence the nerf to RAF :)

Good luck with your sale.
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