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WTT Live Account for P99 Account! (1 Viewer)

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Jul 30, 2012
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Hey everyone.

My ranger is level 100 and was created on June 13, 1999 on the Povar server. I am the original owner of this account. The account has all veteran rewards and all expansions, there is no played time remaining on the account. My ranger is decently geared and can easily put up competitive numbers in raids for DPS if he is played properly.

Epic 2.0
Guise of the Deceiver
10k+ AA's
Ancient Cloak of Flames (Amazing Overhaste Clicky)
Bag full of Clickies and toys etc.

I do not have a magelo for this account, however any serious traders will be given a temporary password and allowed to log on to the account for verification and to see if they are still interested. I also have a level 100 Cleric and Necromancer both with 2.0s and geared/AA'd as well.

I am looking for a high level, decently geared P99 account.. PM me or post here with anything you guys would be willing to trade!
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