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WTT EQ1 (ranger and cleric, 2 sep accs) for EU WOW (1 Viewer)

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Apr 13, 2005
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Hi Guys

Im looking to trade my EQ accs, 1 with a 80 ranger with over 350 AAs (and 6 years vet rewards) and 1 with a 76 cleric (epic 1.5, 50 aas)

Ranger has been my main character for many years, but has had so many breaks and now ive decided to give up EQ

They are on seperate accounts, ranger is well geared with around 40k left, on the acc is a 52 rogue, and several level 30ish alts/twinks

The monk has around 200k+ pp worth of twink gear (fungi, CCoM etc)

Cleric is just a standard rez bot with about 50AAs and decent buyable gear from baz.

i am looking for a geared level 80 WOW EU account, preferably Alliance but would consider horde

must be transferable also!

pm me if interested and we can chat !

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