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WTS/T 85 Heroic on Firiona Vie $17.50 or 1 Krono ea (1 Viewer)

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Nov 7, 2005
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For those who missed making their own Heroics I am Selling/Trading Heroic Chars on Firiona Vie (other servers available per request, sorry no Zek!):

Have most classes, if you want a whole group I will do 6 Heroic 85s for $60 cash (or $30 cash and 3 Kronos). Price for single char is $17.50.

Here's what I currently have:

All are freshly created Heroic level 85 characters with 4000+ AAs(rng,shm,sk had over 5k AAs) with 15k Platinum, the raptor mount, full set of heroic armor:

Bard Male Wood Elf SOLD
Beastlord Female Ogre (no idea what I was thinking there)
Berserker Male Dwarf
Cleric Male Dark Elf SOLD
Druid Male Halfing
Enchanter Male Gnome
Magician Male High Elf SOLD
Monk Male Froglok
Necromancer Male Froglok
Paladin Female Half Elf
Ranger Male Drakkin
Rogue Female Dwarven (another weird combo)
Shadowknight Male Human SOLD
Shaman Female Vah Shir SOLD
Warrior Male Drakkin
Wizard Male Erudite SOLD

No secret question has been set yet. Each has its own unique verified e-mail.

I'd prefer to get some Krono, as I have my own silver chars to tend to, but will gladly take Paypal or Bitcoin as well. As you can see by my join date, I've been around for a while... ;)

Please, message if you want more info.
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Bumpity bump, I also have Level 85 characters on most other non Zek Sony servers for sale. PM with server you are interested in.

oh, and if you want to pay with Redcents, i will take 100 redcents per char. :) Still would rather take Kronos first.
Okay, will take 75 Redcents per char, but I still think Krono per char is a better deal.

If you want to pay cash I will do $15 per char, but it would be cheaper to buy with Kronos. :)

BRD, CLR, MAG, SHM, SK and WIZ are sold on FV. I may have some of these classes in different race/sex combo, will post update on Friday.
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Discount now given for 3 Heroics on same server for $30 or 3 Kronos.

On most live servers I have most casters, hybrids, priests but only one each.

On FV I have everything including bunch of wars. I have an army of Heroes there. :)

Also, I am looking for ROF+ enabled account (level unimportant, silver or bronze is fine) as a possible trade.
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