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Items Live (normal server) WTS RARE ITEMS! ILLUSIONS, PETS, MOUNTS, SUITS, ETC! (1 Viewer)

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Doctor Krono

Jan 16, 2022
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I am open to offers but will ignore/delete messages that I deem are a waste of my time.

Pick up on Xegony, delivery may be available for bulk orders.

Wrapped Visage of the Tae Ew Lizardman: 6 krono
Wrapped Dwarven Sentinel Visage: 10 krono
Wrapped Visage of a Paineel Skeleton Guard: 6 krono
Wrapped Visage of an Enchanter Armor Guardian: 5 krono
Wrapped Daring Deathfist Disguise: 7 krono
Wrapped Visage of the Rivervale Deputy: 10 krono
Wrapped Guise of the Gilded Gnomework: 10 krono
Wrapped Helm of the Fourth Gate Guardian: 10 krono
Wrapped Visage of the Faydark Forest Guardian: 5 krono

Adoptable Regal Tree Squirrel: 3 krono
Adoptable Dwarven War Worg: 3 krono
Adoptable Armored Bloodtusk: 2 krono
Adoptable Qeynosian Strider: 2 krono
Adoptable Mischevous Mottled Mutt: 4 krono
Adoptable Runic Steed: 2 krono

Adoptable Arctic Wurm: 1 krono
Adoptable Crumbling Gargoyle Familiar: 3 krono
Adoptable Lambent Golem: 1 krono
Adoptable Viridian Ghost: 1 krono
Adoptable War Crow: 5 krono

Wrapped Army of Light Barricade: 2 krono
Wrapped Banner of Clan Crushbone: 5 krono
Wrapped Banner: Sanctus Seru: 5 krono
Wrapped Brain in a Jar: 3 krono
Wrapped Brazier: The Everburning Ruby: 3 krono
Wrapped Darkone's Throne: 5 krono
Wrapped Frozen Barbarian Adventurer: 5 krono
Wrapped Emperor Ganak Throne: 5 krono
Wrapped King Gragnar's Throne: 1 krono
Wrapped Library Wall Sconce: 3 krono
Wrapped Mounted Bear Head: 5 krono
Wrapped Mounted Snake Head: 5 krono
Wrapped Mounted Tiger Head: 5 krono
Wrapped Nadox Chandelier: 5 krono
Wrapped Oceanographer's Globe: 5 krono
Wrapped Ogrish Spit: 3 krono
Wrapped Tunare's Tree: 5 krono
Wrapped Painting: Kithicor: Forest: 5 krono
Wrapped Runnyeye Adventurer's Head: 5 krono
Wrapped Gunthak's Beltch: 3 krono
Wrapped Statue of Toskirakk: 3 krono
Wrapped Statue: Sanctus Seru: 5 krono
Wrapped The Grozmok Stone: 5 krono
Wrapped Troll's Butcher: 5 krono

Prize: Path of Skulls: 4 krono
Prize: Ornate Flying Carpet: 4 krono
Prize: Nightmare Saddle: 3 krono

Suit of Wither and Decay plate: 5 krono
Suit of Wither and Decay chain: 2 krono
Suit of Wither and Decay leather: 2 krono
Suit of Wither and Decay cloth: 2 krono
Suit of Arx Mentis plate: 5 krono
Suit of Dark Elf plate: 1 krono
Suit of Bixie plate: 2 krono each
Suit of Damsel of Decay plate: 3 krono
Suit of Damsel of Decay chain: 3 krono
Sinister Steamwork Plate Wrist Ornament: 5 krono

Sigil of Thokk: offer
Royal Antonican Weapon Ornament Pack: offer


Updated: 9/11/23
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