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WTS Project 1999 Platinum, best prices! (1 Viewer)

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Mar 24, 2013
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I currently have 500k for sale on the project 1999 server (blue).


50k Minimum purchase
Better prices for higher quantity
Will beat any other sellers price!

Send me a PM here or contact me on aim SN: p99platinum for a quick sale. I am almost always available!
You can also PM or msg me with any questions you may have
Please do not post in this thread as it will likely take awhile for me to see your message
Excuse me? Is this guy allowed to just slander me like this with no reason whatsoever? I am reporting you
I assure you I am not a scam, and I also assure you that my prices are a lot better than this guys.
Not looking to auction my wares for years (hence I have no website), so my prices are priced to sell.
Contact me if you want to not blow a ton of cash.
Baseless slander is not allowed.

P99PLATINUM: please PM me with any evidence of rajraj scamming people. Paypal logs, IM logs, emails, etc.

rajraj: PM me with a time you can meet in-game, I want to confirm you actually have platinum.
Scammer? Haha that guy is tripping! I have bought from raj twice now! Once for 15k once for 30k he offered me a deal on both much cheaper than what you charge! I even had to leave town after leaving payment for the 30k without picking it up in game. When I returned I messaged him once and bam he logged on and delivered. That's called stellar customer service not scammer lol
rajraj cleared things up with me in PM. I'm not endorsing him, but I wouldn't be afraid to buy from him either. I'll give p99platinum a day or so to respond with evidence or I'll remove his post.

Also we're going to be cleaning this forum up in the coming month. If anyone has suggestions on how to make this the best selling/trading forum for the average EQ player, feel free to PM me.
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