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WTS Plat on EQMac (Al`Kabor) (1 Viewer)

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Nov 30, 2012
Rating - 100%
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6,000,000 plat available.


I also have an assortment of high-end items for sell, as well as I can obtain nearly anything you may want, so PM me with what you need and I'll send you back a price.
UPDATE: 5,410,000 plat left, plus several items you can't find anywhere else, including one of a kind items. PM for details.
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For those unaware of the local economy, plat value was down drastically several months ago due to the Free-to-Play decision, PC client creation, and the fact that several platinum hoarders sold off millions. However, the plat that was for sell at the time has been bought and spent, and platinum's value is finally returning to a normal rate.

Furthermore, you won't find my items anywhere, in-game or otherwise.

SuperGame, I'll message you after class with details.
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