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Service Mischief WTS on Mischief Only - Epic 2.0's (All Classes) - MPG Trials - DoN Progression - Group Progression (Any Expansion) - Faction Grinding - AA's & More! (1 Viewer)


Dec 12, 2021
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Buyer Requirements
📌 You Pay Me & I Complete Work ASAP
FOR ALL SERVICES OFFERED: Fast & Affordable! My Pricing Makes it a No Brainer to Have All The Amazing Things You Need in Game For Your Character but Might Not Have Time For IRL! Don't Worry I Got Your Back! These Services Will Make You Much Stronger So When You Get To Play You Are Powerful & Have More Fun With Your Play Time!
I Do Not Run Any Cheat Programs. I Am An Active Raider in Multiple Guilds & Have A Raid Geared 18 Box I Control Using isboxer/hotkey broadcasting & Am A Very Skilled & Competent Player Here to Help You! I Prefer to Log You in Safely and Securely & Handle Everything For You! This is the Most Convenient and Easiest Option! I am Willing to Let You Log in If thats a Deal Breaker But You Must Play Around My Schedule & Price May Increase! We Can Communicate Directly on Discord PM as Well.

PAYMENT Preferred Paypal Friend/Gift. I Will Also Accept kro or Platinum in Game!*

If You Do Not See The Service or Item or Thing You Want or Completed Listed Here Chances Are I Can & Will Do it!
-Please PM Me With What You Need & I Will Do My Best To Handle it For You At A Reasonable & Fair Price Based on How Much Time it Takes Me to Complete!

MPG Group Trials!
This is a Must Have Alternative Advancement Ability That is Gained by Completing all 6 'Trials of Mata Muram' from the Omens of War Expansion. Once Finished it Increases ALL Your Maximum Standard Resist Caps Passively By 30! Every Single Toon Needs This! I Can not Stress This Enough! You Do Not Want Those Detrimental Spells & Effects Landing on You! I Do The Entire Run For You In 4-6 Hours or Less!
- ANY CLASS - $32 or 3 kro obo!

There Are a Ton of Benefits From Having Your Group Progression Completed But it Takes Time And Can Be Frustrating and Very Difficult. In Many Expansions it Opens Up New Zones, Vendors, and All Kinds of Other Great Things Like Must Have Spells & Abilities, Raid Progression, Turns in's For Sweet Items, Must Have Items including, Complete Non Visible Slot Buyables, Visible Armor Turn Ins, No Drop Emblems & Many Augments With Incredible stats that You Cannot Access Until You Have Your Progression Done!
Not to Mention You Usually Get Some Sweet Currency for That Expansion To Spend On All Kinds of Stuff! It Also Flags You To Access Raid Zones in Many Cases if You Are Looking to Raid! I Have Done All Of The Group Progression for Every Expansion up To Current and Have Mastered the Missions & Leg Work etc. I Now Humbly Offer My Expertise to You and Would Love to Help You Out!
-PM Me Here To Discuss Which Progression/s You Want Completed and I Will Give You An Affordable and Very Fair Price Based on Whatever Group Progression You May Need!

WTS Epic 2.0s For ALL CLASSES!

-I Will Do Epic 2.0 For ANY & ALL CLASSES! So if You Want Yours Now is the Time Let's Get It!

Many of These Have Amazing Must Have Clickies That Are Still Good On Live Servers & Will Continue To Be Great Pieces of Equipment For the Forseeable Future!

*Please Contact me via PM With Any Questions You May Have!*

- Package Deal Discount For Any Class Complete Prequest to Completed 2.0 Epic!

- Complete Epic 2.0 Package From Start to Finish Package Deal! (Includes 1.5 Prequest, 1.5 Epic, 2.0 Epic)
-All Classes Except Shm/Rog - $55 or 5 kro obo / Shm or Rog 85 or 8 kro obo!
(This is a 25% Discount For All Classes Including Shm or Rog!)

Epic 2.0 Breakdown Stages If For Some Reason You Do Not Want Completed Package Deal:

- 1.5 Prequest (No Requirements) - All Classes - $12 or 1 kro obo!

- 1.5 Epic (Must Have 1.5 Prequest) - All Classes / Except Shm or Rog - $32 or 3 kro obo! / Shm or Rog $42 or 4 kro obo!

- 2.0 Epic (Must Have 1.5 Epic) - All Classes / Except Shm or Rog - $22 or 2 kro obo! / Shm or Rog 52 or 5 kro obo!

Lets Face it Sometimes You Gotta Have a Certain Faction/s For Something You Want to Request, Quest, Progression, an Item, or Whatever it is! I am Happy to Grind That Faction out for You!
- Price TBD Based on How Many Hours Are Required For Given Task Please PM & We Will Figure Out a Fair Deal For Your Faction Needs!

DON PROGRESSION TIERS 1-4! (5 on Special Request Only!)
Completing DoN Tiers 1-4 Will Make Your Character Much More Powerful With A New Passive Alternate Advancement That You Can Only Get By Completing Each Tier of DoN Which is a whole mess of Faction Grinding, Solo Quests/Collection Quests, Group Missions, Raid Missions & More! It is Essential on All Toons To Have This Progression Completed ASAP!
It is Also Very Time Consuming Because of All the Faction Grinding, Collection Quests, Raids etc & Specific Knowledge Required in Order to Complete & Access The Raid Missions For DoN that Grant The Passive AA Buffs. I Will Say it One More Time, YOU WANT THESE BUFFS!
Guess What!? I Will Do it All For You! Woohoo! Insane Faction Grinding/Solo Collection/Group Missions/Raids Here I Come! Once I Do a DoN Tier Raid There is a Lockout Before I Can Do That Tier Again So Please PM Me For Scheduling I Do Have Multiple Crews To Handle This So Chances Are I can Start You Right Away or ASAP!

-Discounts For Multiple Toons At Once! Have Some Boxes or Friends That Also Need DoN 1-4? Get Them in on it & Save on Package Deal or Any Tier You Guys Need!

Tier 1-4 Package Deal! (For 1 Toon) - $105 or 10 Kro. Get Tiers 1-4 All at Once & Save Big! (Save over $50 or 5 kro With This Package Deal That Will Grant You All The Amazing Permanent Passive AA's! The Effects Are Listed Below For Each Tier!)

Tier 1: Indifferent - Reward: AA Passive +10 Max All Stats Permanent Passive! (Adds to Cap & Base Stats!)
- $35 or 3 kro obo
- I Have To Start Your Faction Grind Off Then Do A Bunch of Leg Work & That Takes A Lot of Time There is No Other Way Around it. We Are Talking Hours & Hours & Hours of Time.

Tier 2: Amiable - Reward: AA Passive 3% Base HP +200 Max Mana/Endurance
-$45 or 4 kro
- Theres a Bunch More Faction, Leg Work, etc Needed & Raids Required. Just Takes A Lot of Time.

Tier 3 - High Amiable - Reward: +1 to Max Buff Slot!
- $45 or 4 kro
- Again a Ton of Time is Needed to Knock it Out. I Cant Do Anything Else While I am Grinding These. I Know This Tiers Reward Doesnt Seem That Fancy But Believe me That Buff Slot DOES Come in Handy With All The Buffs & Clickys We Have in Current Era it's Much Better Than it Might Look & You Need Tier 3 in Order To Get The Amazing Tier 4 Reward!

Tier 4: Kindly - Reward: Increased Chance of Melee Critical +40% & Spell Critical +1%
- $45 or 4 kro
- This Tier Again, Yes I Know You Know, Takes a Ton of Time! But The Reward Here is The Big Pay Off! You Will Do a Lot More Damage Once You Have it No Matter What Class You Are!

Tier 5: Warmly - Reward: +1% Chance to Resist Detrimental Spells
- Price TBD Please PM Me. I Will Base This Price on How Many People Need it at Once & I will Schedule it Appropriately.
- This is Very Hard Even in Current Era Not Only Because of Time Needed Grinding Factions, Doing Quests , & Prior Raids To Get to The Final Raid Which Has Very Very Mean Death Touch Mechanics! I Bring in Help on the Ending of This One & I Pay Them For it. The Reward is Cool to Have & Some People Demand I Offer it so Here You Go!

1-60 - $11 or 1 kro
60-90 - $42 or 4 kro
Per 100 AA's - $11 or 1 kro
Please Provide Me With Exp Potions!

Thank You!
Refund Policy
🛎️ None Once Work is Started Unless For Some Reason I Cannot Complete Then You Will Be Refunded on a Case by Case Basis Fairly.
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The One And Only
Dec 9, 2015
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I know for a fact he will do what he says he is going to do. He has done plenty of jobs for me in the past and I have had the pleasure of having him as my customer on a weekly basis for a while now. He is a great guy. Hire him for whatever you need! I know I am going to! Put him to work!


Mar 26, 2019
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AAAAAAAAAAAAAA+ Service! Constant communication, super fast response and RESULTS! I will not use a different service provider! 💯

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