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Items Live (normal server) WTS - Night of Shadows Raid Chests / Items / Win Credit Erollisi Marr (1 Viewer)

May 17, 2021
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Buyer Requirements
📌 Payment before DZ add


Night of Shadows Raid Loot - INDIVIDUAL Apparitional ITEMS
How individual items will work:
****Garaunteed 1 week turn around per items, 2-3 weeks for full set. We will be giving Win credits to raids if login is provided****

NoS Apparitional Piece - $50

Full NoS Apparitional Set - $1000
**Includes all Rk. III Spells & Full set of Ornaments**

Night of Shadows Raid Chests - $150 EACH
Chest - 1-6 Random Apparitional Items, 2 Visible Items, 2-4 Non Visible Items/weapons, 1-12 Rank 3 Spells, 2-4 Ornaments, Chance for 46 Slot Crate

Current Availability : Full Availability as of 11/16

Win Credits Also Available
$30 per Raid Win
Screenshot (655).png

Refund Policy
🛎️ None after looting
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Night of Shadows Raid Loot
Chest - 0-3 Random Apparitional Items, 2 Visible Items, 2-3 Non Visible Items/weapons, 1-6 Rank 3 Spells, 2-4 Ornaments, Chance for 46 Slot Crate
In the Event of a 0 Apparitional Drop Chest, You will be pushed to the next chest of equal value
3 chests a week
No Individual Items, Full Chest or Nothing

Current Availability : (Waiting List First Availability 2/16/2023)

Tier 1 Conq Vendor Unlocks (1h/2h wep ores, Shield ore , Ranged ore)
Apparitional Essence of Finesse
Apparitional Essence of Power
Apparitional Shield Enarmes
Apparitional String Serving

What do u charge for just ore im looking to get my sk some ore when i get the expansion i just want to get his breastplate weapon sheild and 2 hander so i need a total of 4 ore hes on bristlebane im looking to get it sometime next month probably oh and his rank 3 abilities so what would u charge me for all that please let me know and before we do this ill pay in full i dont care if i takes u 2 weeks or whatever i just want those items then the rest i can just get him raid geared as my alt with my guild but hard to get ore for alts lol

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