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WTS EQMAC plat and items (1 Viewer)

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Jul 3, 2006
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Selling some items and plat on EQmac.

Plat for .35c per 1k. Will discount bulk purchases

Items for their plat value *.35 so if a item sells for 100k ill sell it for 35$

Items I have: black plated collar, robe of the ancient earth , Boots of Flowing slime , Chocker of the wretched , Steel ring of earthern resillience , mask of the dragon slayer, mask of the hailstorm , dragon scaled mask , Ornate plate helm/bp/boots, ornate chain gloves/arms/bracer/boots, ornate silk boots/legs/robe , onyx sphere , cloak of flames , split blade of destruction , red circlet of the evoker, white dragon helm, farwater plate legs, BoC, Crystallized acid bracer , zlandicar talisman , fungi , SoD , Ceramic sprinkler of marr , robe of primordial waters , primordial driftwood compound bow, stonewood compound bow , hooded shroud, white dragon scale cloak, helmet of rallos zek and some other things let me know what you are looking for

reduced prices
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