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WTS EQ1 - 100 War 5750aa 9.5 Vet - FV (1 Viewer)

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Apr 22, 2013
Rating - 100%
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Server: FV
Race: Half Elf
Class: Warrior
Level: 100
AA: 5750 well placed AA
Tradeskills: 300 Smithing
Gender: Male
Account Active: Yes - Gold - 17 Days left
Alternate Character(s): 92 Bard 2kaa FV (No gear) - 90 Enchanter 1500aa Rathe (Hot Group Gear)
Original Owner: No, Owned the account for the last 9 years though
Have Secret Question/Answer: Yes
CD Key Available: No
Credit Card use to make account: yes
Gear: He is in all RoF T1 / T2 Group gear no augs - Epic 2.0 / Epic 2.0 ornamentation - Multiple LoN / SC illusions / Nimbuses
Stats: 74k / 6.2k unbuffed (He is only in group gear)
Progression: DoN complete / DSK complete / MPG complete /
LoN: Magic carpet can still be claimed along with serveral weapon ornamentations
SC: 3100 Station Cash on Account (Enough for a name change + 1600 SC left over)
Vet aa: Has been Claimed on 3 Characters
Amount: $350 obo

If you have any questions feel free to ask
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Price drop $250... My daughter will be born in a lil under a month and still need to buy her a few more things...

10 days left on gold
Bump / Price Drop..... $200 takes it the way it is.... 20+ days gold on it again. Or can put 4 Million pp on it and you can have it for $300
It may be worth that to someone. The guy has a new baby on the way, give him a break.
I appreciate the fact that your first post was to bash the price of my account sir.... But to let you know a little something $200 is a complete reasonable price on the account for almost 10 year vet aa's. Your points of its FV? is completely null and void due to the fact that people on FV like to buy raid toons and gear themselves. And your zerker has more ac? awesome cause guess what its FV and the ac can be changed to 10k unbuffed within 1 day with the right items in baz.

But thank you for taking your time to look over the account and let me know what you think is wrong with it. (Feel free to go back to LoL)

Have a good day

PS. TY Redbot
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