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WTS AFK Power Leveling! LvL 33+ 100% afk exp! (3 spots left EXTRA BONUS GROUP STARTING 7/7!!!) BONUS EXP WEEKEND SPECIAL!! (1 Viewer)

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Mar 24, 2013
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Hello all!

I Know times are tough and none of us have the time to game that we truly want to! Any number of reasons keep us out of Norrath, be it kids, or COVID-19, or Family time, GF aggro, Work, or even that elusive sleep stuff....


I am here to help with all your PL needs.

Its very easy to follow and very professional.

No Us logging into your account, no information shared! Which is WAAAAAY safer for you. Logging into someones account half way across the country... HUGE RED FLAG

My partner and I both are 100% active during the PL to ensure least amount of downtime and most amount of EXP for you.
What this means FOR YOU is, we wont be semi just there to watch and refresh a few buffs... the same tired PL start that others use from 2001.
This wont be one big pull, wait half an hour, one big pull...ZzZzZzZ We go and we find the least crowded locations and have the proper group make-up to streamline the process.
Once we get a great camp and make sure their are plenty of mobs we will start the clock NOT 'TIL THEN, you aren't charged unless you start getting exp. We pull big groups and just blender right threw them so you get MAX EXP PER HOUR. Trust me this isnt an OOG high lvl pulling one BlUE CON at a time and giving you thorns... this is constant RED CON mobs being chewed up, with you AFK in the group.

I have certain DAY/TIME slots available that I will sell the AFK Power Leveling.
You Sign up for a Day, show up 30 min before so we can chat, go over anything you may need to know or want to ask, and get you to exactly to where we need your character, and boom you get tons of EXP!

The rate is 5kr for 4 hours, I HIGHLY recommend running exp pots! Drastically increases your exp.


Its 4th of July EXP BONUS TIME! SO I am changing prices to a special 4kr for 4 hours! You get extra EXP and save money you cant lose!

(Sorry no one under lvl 33, Sorry I cant refund if you AFK out, Sorry no casting constant spells during the afk to train skills)

Please message me for any questions =)
Refund Policy
🛎️ Refund if my error only
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