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WTS 85 Warrior (1 Viewer)

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Dec 17, 2006
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I'm not the original account holder, so I don't have the Original CC info or Game Serial numbers, I have the answer to the secret question though.

I had put a ton of time raiding and doing a lot of group work, getting augs, click effects etc... and I have another account I want to keep just to mess around with.

As of right now he is level 85, only needs about 75 AA to be maxxed, has the Warrior only weapons from Tower, and Korafax, plus a Raxx. I have him as an AC whore, and using a metal power source he is over 6K AC, dual wield, no tribute and no ac augs in the weapons, UNBUFFED.

Every Item except the charm and weapons has a 30 or above AC aug:
8 x 35
1 x 34
1 x 33
3 x 32
4 x 30
Shield has the 35AC aug from Crystallos

All visible armor is 4.5, with a 25 purity aug in it.
Clickies, FoD VI, Overhaste 16%, Invis vs Undead

Unbuffed stats are:

HP: 43022
AC: 6048
ATK: 2547

STR: 658
STA: 648
AGI: 664
DEX: 646
WIS: 561
INT: 566
CHA: 632

Resists: All 700
Corruption resist 60

Need the final group mission for Convorteum access

If you have any questions, feel free to send me a PM
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What server? I have friends who still play, so I will pass along the info. I know one had mentioned he was looking for a good warrior a couple months back.
I have a Character Transfer Token in my Inventory, and my character is not on Test, FV, or Mayong, so by all means you can transfer it if you wish. I made a name change and race change as well.
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