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WTS 60 rogue on blue (1 Viewer)

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Sep 6, 2013
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Full planar, epic, and 30k offhand. Sky neck and Belt, full droppables, ready to go and raid, levi cloak, jboots, ot hammer, seb and hs key.

BONUS 52 epic rogue on Red server with this account, has Epic, skean offhand, 55 hp rings, runed bone fork, and sky haste belt

Willing to take 150k plat in trade on blue or $150 paypal gift takes this account, was made in oct of 2009.

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Not saying this character is Gaffin Deeppockets, but there has been a scammer selling the same exact character, a large post has been put on the forums in regards to this scammer. Please be careful on what character you buy on these forums and get an idea of the characters reputation before you buy a worthless character.
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