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Accounts Teek WTS: 60 Mage on Teek! Fully geared and Tower Gear - $190/18kr (1 Viewer)

Mar 13, 2016
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WTS Level 60 Human Mage (male) for $190 or 18 krono. Fully geared with good / appropriate gear (planar robe and other pieces) including all current tower items w/ mage pet focus earring. Has most/all spells to level inclusing lvl 60 water pet, coth, mala, etc. Keyed for Seb and Howling Stones (Charasis) - Has a 4 of the VP key medallions but don't remember which ones. He is ~90% of the way through level 60 but also comes with 4x 25% exp potions. No epic progress to speak of. Has some misc. platinum, probably around 1K, and some gear in bags.

I am the second owner of the account but I bought it within the first week of the server well below level cap and hand levelled it up to 60. Spell skills, defense, etc. are all appropriate for a class that was played and not just PL'd. Good account, I just have to reduce the number of accounts I have. Subbed for 2 more weeks via krono per the time of this posting.

Account has a verified email account and a SQA. I will give you both the email account itself and the SQA. You can keep the email account and not have to change if you don't want. Let me know with any questions! Paypal friends and family payment or Krono in advance. I'm a verified and premium seller and have been on redguides over 8 years with lots of positive feedback, I don't mass produce accounts but am reliable to sell/buy.
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