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WTS 54 Enchanter - Project 1999 - Blue Server - $140 (1 Viewer)

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Feb 6, 2013
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54 enchanter on Project 1999 blue. 250 jewelcrafting. All initial stat points in INT. Remaining 5 in CHA. Account is stripped with no items. In addition to the login server login details, the EQEmu login info will be provided as well, including full ownership of the e-mail address used to register the account, although I'm fairly sure I could change the e-mail address to yours (I saw the option to change e-mail under the "User CP" link).

I'll only transfer to reputable buyer with a decent number of positive feedbacks. Please contact me via PM on here or email to [email protected]. I can also be reached (but not always logged in) on AIM (username [email protected]) or on Skype (username orc_pawn).

Price is $140.

I have numerous positive feedbacks as a seller in this thread:


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Re: WTS 54 Enchanter - Project 1999 - Blue Server - $150

If you don't like a price - don't buy it? Especially when it's not completely outlandish. Fighting over a bazaar forum is pointless.
Re: WTS 54 Enchanter - Project 1999 - Blue Server - $150

I don't use mq2 compiles so upgrading doesn't seem important. What kind of stuff is discussed in the level 2 forum?
Re: WTS 54 Enchanter - Project 1999 - Blue Server - $150

While this is technically the description;
Make EverQuest fun again with a safe MQ2 compile every patch, exclusive plugins, and the largest macro collection on the internet, including our exclusive KISS macro - allowing you to afk every class with ease.
Friendly help for newbies is included without charge.

You also gain access to a bunch of additional forums that are hidden to Level 1 users, including a special Bazaar section only for fellow Level 2 subscribers.

The biggest thing is that it supports this site, keeps things running, etc... It's nice to have a home to post your RMT isn't it?
Re: WTS 54 Enchanter - Project 1999 - Blue Server - $150

I'd help you out but I have about $4 in my bank account. Maybe later on though definitely.
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