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WTS 100 Monk/100 Mage account $400 ono (1 Viewer)

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Dec 31, 2009
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Selling 100 Monk with 3692 AA. Account is 8 years 293 days so just about 9 years veteran. Monk has loads of clickie's from illusions to over haste

Monk has Aon, Veil of Flames, Fabled Ball of Golem Clay, Guise of the Deceiver, Shiliskin Trickster Mask, Mask of the Lost Guktan, Bone Mask of the Ancient Iksar, Efreeti Death Visage, Mask of the Mighty Minotaur, Mask of the Grumpy Goblin, Dragon War Mask, Crown of Deceit
Other clickies are Symbol of the Overlord, Anguish BP, Glowing Back Drum, Clickie Lev, Holgresh Elder Beads,
Monk is geared with Rof and Cotf, Has range of great augs. Monk has 3 Mercenary slots J5. Also has Epic Ornament. Years of work on him.
Monk has Darkelf Cloth Robe Ornament

Account also has 100 Mage with 1791 AA, Monk was only started just over a month ago. She is geared with Rof and Cotf gear. She has her epic 2
Mage has Guise of the Deceiver and Glowing Black Drum. Mage is pretty much ready to beam as she is. Mage has full Darkelf Cloth Ornaments.

Account also has
67 Bst
77 War

Payment made through Paypal
Might you have a Magelo link? (or is it bad to show magelos used via auto-sync since it would reveal the name?) Monks are my favorite class, but for whatever reason I've never leveled one past the 70-80 range; I own 3 on several accounts and never finished them up.
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