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WTB some P99 (blue) powerleveling! =( (1 Viewer)

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Oct 18, 2013
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So I made a character a few days ago, and after "the struggle" I am still only level 8. I remember these days, and seeing what Live has now, I'm not that fond of the leveling process in newbieville!

I have a tank (melee) character (which is easier to PL than casters) so even a simple Druid DS/etc would be awesome. Hit me up, please! ;)
Suck it up mate... I'm a level 5 evil shaman. And I've been playing for two days. You want nostalgia with easy mode? Go back to live and stay in the old zones! Lol
Group, group, group.. and then group some more.

Ppl on blue are very nice and give you tips/gear when grouped, while the exp is flowing.
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