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WTB Skills lvl $50 (1 Viewer)

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Mar 7, 2010
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Due to my tight schedule and shitty internet here in Afghanistan I am unable and unwilling to do this myself.
Just gathering my final pieces for my Twink alt he is a lvl 90 Monk.
I will pay via paypal for someone to max out all his melee skills ( I.E disarm, intimidation, 2hb ETC) for his lvl.
My monk is on Drinal server but will transfer if someone can help me out.
My monks gear is pretty shitty for lvl 90, im not sure you could do it without an alt.
I plan on De-lvling him as soon as im T5 POTIME .
I tried lvling his Bind Wound but kept going LD here thats why Im paying.
wannabe and my self are setting him up for his monk...my 9 accounts or so are all on drinal :p some have voa some dont haha
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