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WTB Project 1999 Blue Plat or Fungi $75 (1 Viewer)

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This person had requested plat upfront, after meeting every request up until giving him plat. Unsure what his game is, but he just joined site, PMed me for plat then requests i give him half then he pays. Said his dad was up at nearly 2AM ESTime. Startin to small bad. If anyone deals with this guy, let me know how it went please.


Also claimed his dad is paying as its a birthday gift. I donno I just dont wanna give out my plat for free.
There's been a a lot of new members this month. Most of which who post end up banned for scamming pretty shortly after their post. I would advise being a little more careful then normal
Yeah the guy logged in a level 1 (or created) a level 1 toon. once I had made it clear the plat wasnt going to be given away to a no name no body level 1 toon for nothing he stopped replying to messages and logged out havent heard from him since.
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