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WTB Epic Shaman/Mage other classes considered (1 Viewer)

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Aug 24, 2014
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Hi there! I'm new to the P99 scene and with work and family I really don't see myself starting from scratch! Been playing Live for 13 years and it's just gotten out of control! I'd love that nostalgic classic feel again. I hear lots of great things about this Emulation Server and decided to try my luck here!

I am mainly looking to play a Shaman or a Mage. I will also consider Enchanters & Druids. For Melee the only class I will consider is a Rogue but it would have to be top end & for a fair price (I won't pay over $500 for a P99 toon) so if you feel the work you put into the character is worth more then that at 'top end' I do understand but I will not be interested unfortunately.

Requirements: Epic 1.0
I'd also like them to be geared. They don't have to be top notch but at least able to hold there own in group situations for the higher up content. I'm looking to spend $250-$400 but will pay up to $500 for the RIGHT toon.

Note: I will only be willing to deal with individuals who have exceptional reputation and who are mature. If you don't have these qualities/requirements I WILL NOT reply to you. I want a nice smooth transaction. I am new to this EQ EMU stuff and have ordered my insanely expensive copy of EQ:Titanium just so I can come be apart of this community. Once it arrives and is all set-up I will want to buy this character Right Away! IF anyone knows great sellers with good attitudes they would like to recommend it would be much appreciated! Thanks :)
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