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Oct 15, 2004
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Not sure about a seller? Nervous about a buyer? Gain extra security with a third party!
Here you'll find long-time members providing a middle-man service for your trades.

🖱CLICK HERE🖱 for a list of current providers

How to use an escrow provider:
Please note: these are simply guidelines. Individual escrow providers may use different methods.
  • A transaction is created between the buyer and seller.
  • When ready, invite an escrow provider (choose one here) to the conversation.


  • Pay the escrow provider their requested fee.
  • The seller sends the escrow provider the account information, which the escrow provider will either hold on to or (if safe) log in to verify.
  • The buyer then sends payment directly to the seller.
  • The seller confirms that the payment was received. The escrow provider then releases the account to the buyer and helps them secure their purchase.
Other approaches may be required for safety for certain servers and items, speak to your escrow provider for details.

How to become an escrow provider:

You must meet these qualifications:
  • Be trustworthy, and have an intimate knowledge of EverQuest rules, quirks and detection methods on accounts and items.
  • Be a verified member of EC Tunnel
  • Have at least 25 feedback
  • Been a member for at least 1 year
  • Complete a background check
  • Start a conversation with @Redbot to begin the background check
  • What happens in the case of chargebacks, or accounts taken back?
    EC Tunnel will investigate the fraud, and the escrow provider may (or may not) offer compensation for the loss. Please refer to your escrow provider's terms.
  • Refunds
    Escrow providers are required to refund their fee if a transaction is cancelled prior to anything being transferred to the provider.
More details:

Scroll down to the "escrow" section on our rules page here,
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