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Warning to SELLERS! (1 Viewer)

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Apr 29, 2013
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Was scammed yesterday by someone who has been viewing these forums. It was a very, very petty amount of plat, so it didn't hurt my business at all. But I would like to warn my fellow traders. He didn't PM me here, but sent me an email. He asked for AIM info so we could talk so I gave him AIM and cell number. When we spoke on the phone he claimed to live in west palm beach, fl and had a Hispanic accent. Wanted to use western union for transaction. First he wanted half the plat upfront, then settled for 10%. Only scammed a petty 20k from me. The name that appeared on his email was Lorenzo Jackson. His email address was [email protected], AIM name huhsanlo jackso. I handed him partial plat in game. Then he gave me a fake WU pick up number and said the senders name was Tim Packer. This morning I'm wakin up to an email from Lorenzo Jackson, email address [email protected] askin if I have plat still. I know he's messaging multiple people, because he's already forgot he scammed me. I also just received an AIM message from a Tim Packer.

Be careful, sellers. There's people out to get us other than the guides.
This is one reason I increased PM allowance and added the feedback system ("rate transaction" below each post). Regardless, thanks for the warning.

Soon as someone say WESTERN UNION = RIP OFF/SCAM.

13 years of playing EQ any time I have ever heard or read the words WESTERN UNION related to EQ stuff was that someone got ripped off or scammed
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hah, it's the same way on Craigslist - as soon as you list an item, in big red letters it says,

Nothing wrong with WU honestly. WU is fine, just get all of the money and have it in your hands before sending anything. Just like any other method of payment honestly.
Trust in OURPLAT.com - 13 years experience in BUYING and SELLING - Live support - all year round!

Sorry to hear about getting scammed, it sucks!!!

Bump - this piece of trash has been trying to scam me for a week.

I finally called his bluff and let him order through my site. Of course his payment is under review - so I refund his money.

His current unbanned RG name is : darkvader - using skype names still Tim Packer and Mary Walsh and one other.


lorenzo jackson
***** doral way
riviera beach, FL 33407
United States
I have this guys phone number, Huhsanlo has been trying to sell me his lvl 45 wizard. His phone number is 561-***-1812
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huhsanlo exists as a banned jerk on these forums. His wizard is a scam as well. Stay clear of this trashy individual.
if anyone lost money to him, and you guys have the address and his phone number, i would be willing to collect for a fee.

edit: i live very close to him.
He was also trying to get me to trade characters with him but he wouldn't go first even though I have a history here and he does not(at least not a positive one). Then last night he wanted just 10k more to be able to buy a fungi so he was willing to trade that 45 wizard for 10k. Deal seemed too good to be true but I said I would only do half up front. He took forever to respond so i backed out of the deal.
I think the wizards name was Bonecollector or something like that. Dark elf 45. He said it was sacced from 60 to 45. Probably scammed someone out of that and sacced it.
That guy is a piece of shit, a year ago he used fake credit cards to buy a ton of plat and items from me.. Needless to say it caused a lot of real problems for me in real life.
I'm 98% sure I know his main characters name in game as well.
Pretty sure he got careless and revealed himself to me in game.

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Because I hate scammers and thieves so much, and this individual continues to poach here for prey, I feel it necessary to shame until he realizes he needs to move on.


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I know you can see this Lorenzo. Keep pushing me brother, I'll get more.

Should be ashamed, using your mom/grandma's info to get over on people.
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