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Accounts Teek SOLD!!!!!!!!!!! Selling Epic Mage/Ranger (same persona) AND Epic Bard/Geared AF SHM (1 Viewer)

Sep 11, 2015
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60 (bard and mage)
bard is wood elf mage is high elf ranger is wood elf shm is
shaman, bard, ranger, mage
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📧 🟢 I will give buyer access to the original email account
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Mage - epic - decent gear 4 40 slot bags level 60 full tower gear
ranger persona - excellent gear lvl 48? sry not sur what lvl the ranger is but its geared to the teeth and will be fun to lvl up before velious (has call of flames)
clickies - guise of deceiver, j boots, nro clicky, firghtening flat bread, summon magus,

Bard - Epic - great gear SS bp, planar gear VP lute selos drums lvl 60 full tower gear - 4 40 slot bags full tower gear
shm persona - skyiron cudgel, shield of dread some epic parts done lvl 49 fully geared in planar and fungus tunic (iksar)
clickies - nro port, jboots, fungi staff, fightening flatbread

these accounts are great never botted fully played skills are up
you will get the email account they were built on as well as the account

message me with any questions
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🛎️ if not as described (i forget what lvl the personas are
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