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Shadow Knight (1 Viewer)

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Jan 20, 2006
Rating - 100%
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Account has been sold!!!!

Up for sale at a super low price due to needing it to be gone ASAP is my SK account. I am original owner and have all the info.
Price: $80.00 FIRM. Paypal Gift Only.
Contact: either here via pms, or on skype: dulak_quickleaf

Sub Status: 5 days of gold left via Krono
Expansions: 19/20
Server: Drinal
Class: Shadow Knight
Gender: Male
Race: Drakkin
Level: 92
AA: 3810
LAA: 0
Merc: J5
Gear: RoF T1 Vis
HP (unbuffed): 58166
AC (unbuffed): 5291
Plat: 111k
Epic Status: 1.5 Complete
LoN (cardgame) Status: Unlocked and able to trade with others.
Claimable items: Too many to list
Vet AA: 5
Other characters: All on Povar 85 Rogue (lots of illusion clickies), 85 Ranger (HoT T1 vis and non vis, also J5 merc) and a bunch of lowbies.

Left Ear: Trinket of the Collector
Neck: Pendant of the Lost Coldain
Face: Spiked Guard
Helm: Boreal Helm of the Revenant
*Aug (7): Hagorn's Gem of Fortification
Right Ear: Riggbit's Glowing Red Eye
Left Finger: Deadeye Ring
*Aug (7): Shard of Increasing Power
Left Wrist: Boreal Bracer of the Revenant
*Aug (7): Rallosian Casterix
Arms: Boreal Vambraces of the Revenant
Hands: Boreal Gauntlets of the Revenant
Right Wrist: Boreal Bracer of the Revenant
Right Finger: Ring of Restless Sleep
*Aug (7): Tablet of Forgotten Lore
Shoulders: Shoulderpads of Alertness
*Aug (7): Dragorn Fang
Chest: Boreal Breastplate of the Revenant
*Aug (7): Pallorax's Frozen Flame
Back: Cloak of Serenity
*Aug (7): Rallosian Power Gem
Belt: Chitinous Strap
*Aug (7): Imbued Feather
Legs: Boreal Greaves of the Revenant
*Aug (7): Sentinel's Claw
Boots: Boreal Boots of the Revenant
*Aug (7): Tears of the Rathe
Primary: Glorious Infused Knight's Greatblade
*Aug (4): Wool Sponge
*Aug (11): Numinous Vicious Symbol of the Skeptic
Ranged: Stygian Nightmare's Bow
Charm: Raven Claw Amulet
*Aug (7): Slipgear's Gem

Tailored Transcendent Haversack x4
Tailored Transcendent Sack x4
Dreamweave Satchel
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