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Project 1999 Selling blue p99 plat (1 Viewer)

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How are large sums transferred without being investigated/banned by P99 GMs? Do people chit chat and shoot the breeze for awhile? Do I trade you a rat whisker for 20k? I mean.. yeah. ;)
This guy scams, takes payment and does not reply to you. I had to dispute payment on paypal.

Did you discuss delivery times/process? What exactly happened? Just saying "this guy scams and doesn't reply" is a bit vague and doesn't provide much insight to what happened.

If you have any screenshots of the transaction, please post a new thread with the "SCAM" prefix and include a detailed breakdown of what happened.

He gave me a cell phone number to contact him, we were texting. He said he was in game ready to do trade, I paided through paypal. He says hes checking if its verified, stopped responding right after that and hasn't responded my text since lastnight. I disputed my payment on paypal and got refunded this afternoon.
he seems very suspekt and i didnt want to deal with him here is 2 pms he sent me

timbozero3 said:
wud it be cool to try out shm in grp? wanna see what he can do im looking for a lv60 asap

timbozero3 said:
id like to see him in game if possible my toon name is --- and im in wfp atm
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