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Selling 95 SK (1 Viewer)

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Jul 29, 2012
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Server: Firiona Vie

Level: 95

Alternate Advancement Points: Absolute Max including all glyphs (9,690)

Race: Male Ogre

2.0: Completed

Equipment: Two 24-slot bags, one 26-slot bag, tons of clickies including fun/rare swarm pet clickies, various augs, 5/5 raid book, 91 Alaran language.

Skills: Nearly max in all skills. Tradeskills include the following: Baking 275, Blacksmithing 300, Brewing 252, Fishing 155, Fletching 265, Pottery 241, Tailoring 251. Master at nearly every language.

Guild bank: Bags full of twink items

Spells: Nearly all Rank IIIs for 91-95

Keys: Nearly every important key/flag in the game pre-VoA including 6/6 Muram Trials

Reputation: Clean

**Note: Last 4 digits of CC and secret question answer included. Worry-free account
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Reminder: Firiona Vie Server toons can't be transferred EVER.
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