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SCAM - Took Back Account (1 Viewer)

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sorry about that, we had a complaint with him before for being "shady" but this is the first report of scamming. He's now banned.
Question, to recover an account do they only need an SMS number? For example if you have the emu email but not the number attached ? Otherwise this system seems to shut down account trading if people opt into it.
SMS recovery is for EMU, not live. So credit card does not apply here (since you never give them that information). There is also no livechat.
You don't know what someone has done on the account before you got it or if they constantly RMT and there are some really shady people around here. The ones that do a lot of RMT get banned and pretty much any account they log into or trade with does as well. Learn from others' mistakes. P99 takes RMT seriously and the community is small enough that it can be policed. You may not get caught today or even during the next ban wave, but chances are high that you will get caught. When you log into P99 the server records your computer name/network name, IP - proxies don't always hide you because of the first thing, and possibly your MAC address and other metrics. They know who logged in to which account, how many times, who they traded with etc... So, like I said, beware. You have been warned.
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Word. I bought one for the first time at the beginning of this year, put in many hours to making my own stamp on it and it got hacked back by his friend and they set up the whole works securing the account. Needless to say I don't get involved in any RMT activities anymore, I just lurk on these boards from time to time because I like to see what people have, nothing more than window shopping and in a couple of cases, I have sent a few warning to people via Inbox to alert them something is off / not right.

Edit: not to mention people seem to have an issue with leaving feedback on these boards. I left one for each of the three transactions I did, all promised to do the same but lied. Guess I shouldn't have bothered to write one out myself for them.
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