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Guide Safe Trading Guide (1 Viewer)

Safety from scammers
While we try and make EC Tunnel a safe space, there is unavoidable risk in every trade. Even when dealing with established members, you need to be vigilant for your own good as well as the community's.
  • Verify your account - Others are more likely to trust you, as well as let you deal second. Most scammers never upgrade.
  • Research - Look up your trading partner's username, email, character, phone, or whatever other info they share. This is especially important for servers like Project1999, where many users have the exact same forum name as they do here. If you need a name change, check the Ducat shop.
  • Read their feedback - Are they a frequent seller, or does it appear they've only purchased a few things?
  • Sound too good to be true? - It probably is. Especially new users who need to "sell fast" at low prices.
  • Contact over EC Tunnel - This helps stop imposters who will use discord, email, and other methods to act like one of the members here. Always verify on EC Tunnel when someone claims to be a respected EC Tunnel user.
  • Secure your EC Tunnel inbox. Add two-step verification, even if it's just email.
  • Use an escrow - Browse for a "middle man" in the Escrow section.
  • Small increments - Rather than one big $300 trade, conduct a series of 10 small $30 trades.
  • Record your transaction - Screenshot in-game communication and trade messages, and forward to staff here if there's a dispute.
  • REPORT! - Let us know if you've been scammed by filing a report or making a public dispute.
Safety in-game
Keeping your in-game identity private can be a good idea, particularly if competitors or game officials dislike you.
  • Use a "mule" - don't deliver with your main accounts.
  • Use a VPN - To hide your IP in-game, we recommend a VPN from PrivateInternetAccess or running your own via Algo.
  • Use "feedback privacy" - Sometimes you can be tracked down in-game through your feedback on EC Tunnel. If you're a premium member, you have access to feedback privacy.
  • Don't list all items - If you're selling an account, don't post too much identifying information about the character, especially if they have unique items.
  • Cover your tracks - (Mostly for emulator servers) Delete your thread when the sale is complete to cover up any tracks you may have left. All users can delete their own posts and threads. Don't post "100k plat sold" for example.
  • Don't publicly post your email - Don't publicly post any unique information (discord#, facebook, etc.) that could be linked to your game account, especially your username and email. If you need a name change, check the Ducat shop.
  • Let the items rest - Before transferring items to your beloved main account, consider letting them "rest" on a mule account for awhile.
Do you have any general tips? Please reply!
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