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Jan 1, 2014
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Leave feedback for each other. This not only helps you by showing others you've had good transactions, but it also helps us keep a closer eye on potential scammers and situations. While we're still pretty vigilant about keeping an eye on things here to promote a good RMT community, people skipping out on feedback hurts everyone involved and may be enabling a scammer.

Also, please do not delete threads after the item/account/etc is sold. Deleting threads can hose you if the buyer/seller ends up being a scammer. While I do encourage you to remove any notable details (such as character race/level/particular items), but deleting the entire thread has the same potential negative effects that not leaving feedback can.

And as always, let one of the mods know if anything seems out of whack with a deal. We can't stop everything, but we do our best to minimize it and we really appreciate the community helping us.

Thanks folks!
This reminded me I needed to leave feedback. It really needs to be easier to get to that page for sellers. Searching for user is disabled so I had to find an unrelated post to leave feedback for. For buyers its not as bad because there is a link in the post but unless the buys posts in the thread there are a few hoops to jump through to get to their feedback page. Just a suggestion.
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