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Rare Collector items being sold + Account! (1 Viewer)

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May 28, 2014
Rating - 100%
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Sceptre of destruction x4
Salenditre dagger x2
manastone x1
Earring of living slime x1
Heart of fungus x1
Wavecrasher x2
runed fighter staff x1
barbed scale whip x1
fishgill necksash x1
threx dagger x1
staff of forbidden rights x2 (one with 1 charge other with 0)
philosophers stone x1
writ of dragonkind x1
earthshaker x1
mask of tinkering x1
robe of discord x2
fist of steel x1
wurmslayer x1
dragonscaled mask x1
long sword of ethereal energy x1
circlet of shadow x1
cros treewind staff x1

Multiple jewlery than cannot be crafted ranging from 100k-1mill Around 15-20 pieces

700,000 Platinum

Alot of fungi's CoF'S ex...and i mean alot.

94 shaman 5500 aa's
83 paladin
68 shadowknight
46 monk
51 warrior
47 mage

All have gear on them.

Trying to sell all at once, for money. No plat offers please, PM me and we can talk about prices! Taking Offers !
Just some advice - You're probably going to want to post a ballpark of what you're hoping to get for the account. Most people are going to either assume you're wanting more than they would offer, or have no idea where to start. Both lead to not much of a response.
Very true my friend. to be honest im not sure what i can get for the lot. Havn't really sold much for RL money. I know a few of those rares like earring of living slime, and staff of forbidden rights go for quite a bit. Just new to this selling stuff.
What server are characters with the goodies on ?

You are going to have a devil of a time getting good money for this. With the exception of the slime earring (and possibly CoS of which I have one and rarely use), rest are basically for other rare collectors.

There are some people like that though.
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