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Puzzle and Dragons Android Account (1 Viewer)

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Apr 7, 2013
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So, I have a pretty large monster box in puzzle and dragons that I was thinking of checking interest in. The main things I have are:

Satan, King of the Underworld, level 81 with +29 and all three awakenings
Duke Vampire Lord level 82 with +26 with max skill
Moondragon Lunar D'spinas level 82
Karin level 79 max awoken
ancient dragon knight zeal level 71
Seraph of Dawn, Lucifer level 61
Earth-rending Emperor Siegfried level 50
Green Odin max level unevolved
Cerberus level 50 max awoken
Hera x2 one level 50 ready for evo the other level 30
Haku, level 49
Hera-Is level 47
Echidna level 46 with skill at level 5
I&I level 41 unevolved
Joker level 31
Ancient Dark Dragon Caol-ila max awoken level 21
Siren max awoken and max skill

I just added Zeus to the box

I have a ton of other 4 and 5* REM pulls in there but aren't leveled or part of my teams.

I spent a fair amount on REM to get these and there are 31 stones right now on the account. If you have interest in a PAD account this is a great one and I have good feedback here so feel free to message me with any questions. If you want to see SS's of the box let me know and I will get them to you for all the extra 4/5* stuff in my box.

I'm thinking I wouldn't take less than around $400 for the account as there are a lot of very rare REM's like Lucifer and Satan has only descended twice in the US so he's very rare and getting close to max level. Hit me up with offers or questions.
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