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Odurs - Supply your outstanding order to DutchSK (1 Viewer)

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Transferred $100 for 25 Krono to Odurs last nite, he said he was eating dinner and would log in afterwards.

He never showed up though till now, although I seen him online here several hours after my last contact with him.
I ordered 10 from him yesterday and he never delivered. I disputed the Paypal and he refunded me. I'm not sure what is going on with him.
I've had an outstanding order with him for quite a while now and he always seem to duck out of the delivery, probably hoping I will transfer the money. I did tell him though, that no money was coming his way until I saw the Kronos in a trade window in-game. I now really have no doubt that he is scamming people and I alerted Maskoi about it a few days ago, when he first blew me off, it really just felt wrong. However, then he reached out again and tried to setup a delivery (for which he of course didn't show) but in the meanwhile, I wrote to Maskoi to hold off on branding him a scammer until he had a chance to prove otherwise.'

Now what I was afraid was gonna happen, has happened unfortunately...
I've done business with him before and it was quick and painless so that's why I wasn't afraid to send the money first.
Now I'm getting the run around same as everyone.
Problem is the money was sent via Paypal gift so I have no recourse.

Live and learn.
Wow, didn't expact that from odurs. Sorry guys. Banning him now.

If anyone is pursuing legal action I have a small bit of info on him.
should have brought up earlier as this has now affected at least 3 people - at least it's out in the open now...

I did bring it up, but since I didn't send him any money, my suspicions were inconclusive. I gave Maskoi the heads up based on my suspicions, but like several others, he replied and I didn't wanna brand him in case he came through. I've bought from him before as well, which is the only reason I thought something was off about him this time, hence why I didn't do a transfer without seeing the merchandise. I'm sorry he managed to scam others though...
Wow, didn't expact that from odurs. Sorry guys. Banning him now.

If anyone is pursuing legal action I have a small bit of info on him.

I find people for a living. I have a lot of information on him now. I also work in a legal profession and know that going after him legally will be more time and trouble than it's worth with probably no recourse. I'm out $24 myself.

Same thing happened with me. I ordered in the past with no problem, now he's disappeared. I went looking for his post the other day to make a reply to it and it seems to be gone as well. I recommended him to a guildie, who fortunately never sent money. He told the guildie that he was quitting and was selling off his inventory.

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Honestly you guys should just dispute the charge. I did and Paypal refunded me within a few hours after an "investigation." If he has disputes on his account, it makes it incredibly hard to "cash out". Also if he has several disputes ongoing, it will be much easier for Paypal themselves to take action.

This type of thing is sadly common in e-commerce. Someone builds up a reputation on some websites and then goes for 1 big "cash out" when they either get desperate or had it planned all along.

Just dispute the transactions and be honest about it with Paypal.
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