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No-Transfer Firiona Vie Raid Monk (1 Viewer)

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Jul 29, 2012
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Hey all,

Taking private message only offers for a level 100 and 7000 AA monk (will max the AAs if requested but will raise price). I am not the original owner, however I encourage you to bid with confidence as once the transaction is done it's done. I merely just took this account, improved it, and am ready to pass it on. I respect Redguides, account buyers and their finances, and myself for that matter.

Tomes: 12 Rank 3s levels 96 to 100
HP: 97.9k unbuffed
AC: 8292 unbuffed

Visible armor: 8/8 Silvershade
Non-visible armor: Mixture between T2 raid and T4 raid
Weapons: Mixture between T3 raid and T4 raid
Clickies: 13 illusions including Dragorn War Mask for enhanced melee damage, 16% overhaste, Nagafen Familiar, Chalandria's Fang, Levitate, 50% haste, Disenchantments, Shrink, and Summon Throwing Items to name the majors.

Epic 2.0 completed
Trials of Mata Muram completed
DoN Progression completed
Access to purchase up to T4 RoF raid items

Max Tradeskills in every category except Tinkering and Alchemy

If you prefer to make an offer for the monk having the gear stripped I will accept those offers too.

Again, private messages only please and if you have any further inquiries please include those in the private message.

Just as a reminder in case you forgot - this character is on the Firiona Vie server and cannot be transferred off currently.

Thank you
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