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Multiple accounts for sale, lvl 90 naked, transferrable, etc (1 Viewer)

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May 2, 2013
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90 Shadowknight
90 Paladin
90 Rogue
90 Enchanter
90 Ranger

70 Bard ($30)
70 Cleric ($30)
85 Beastlord ($50)

90s = $60, 85s=$50, 70s=$30 No personally identifying information on any of the accts. You're the "original" owner of them.

Also if you need custom accounts characters created let me know, can make them up on the Bristlebane server.

Can custom make characters, power levels, AA's, etc on the Bristlebane server.

Remaking the sold out ones and will have more in stock shortly.
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What kinda price are you looking for for a custom character (i create the free account & give you the info) at lv 90 & 3000AA ? (Same question for lv 100 & 4KAA).
I'm on FV so i can transfer chars to it anyway, & i may be looking into 2 boxing so may be interested if the price is fair.
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